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The trigless trigs feature on the Monomachne seems too cool to be under-utilized given that it seems unique and really extends the grid sequencing paradigm as far as hardware sequencers go. Trigless trigs mean that you can change parameters without having to launch certain other parameters:

For instance, let’s say you have a sequence and would like to retrigger the LFO without retriggering the amp envelope or some other parameters, you can with trigless trigs.

You could do the same with notes. or, say that you have a sound with a very long decay – you could play that one note on step one and then change its sound as it decays over the rest of the steps: Put in a trigless trig and then lock the parameters for each step. The sound would change, but the envelopes don’t have to be retriggered on each step.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgIt’s best to think about trigless trigs abstractly, then let your mind wander through the possibilities that they open up.

Monomachine triggers could be further explained like this:

1. Normal trig:
This is when you play MnM normally. It trigs the note-on and amp, filter-env, lfos. The normal behaviour.

2. Specific trig:
You can choose to trig just amp, filter-env or lfos, any of them and any couple of them. Use ‘trigger button’ on the UI and manual.

3. Trigless trig:
Doesnt trig any of those above, just changes the whatever parameter you want. You can change any parameter, even notes with this. Very handy for soundcreation. Also people would love to see this on the MD also.

Further examples of trigless trig uses:

Lets say I have a regular trig NOTE_ON event in step 1 of my sequence that has a long So decay and I re-trigger the LFO only (a trigless trig) on step 5. Which LFO am I actually triggering on step 5 since the MM has 3 LFOs? Does it trig all three?

It will trig all the three. BUT you can change the trig destinations and amounts with the parameter locks; you can make lfos work differently on all trigs (or trigless trigs) throught the sequence.

Using trigless trigs and slide can make really good shit, like on the vo6 or FM+ it can be really great sounding.

A filter is a great tool for drums; trigging the filter for rytmh and playing a synt on the same channel is a good technique to use in order to conserve track limits.

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