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Basic Monomachine vocabulary:

Machines = Synthesis ie. SWave, SID, DIGIPro, FM+, VCO and FX
Tracks (1-6) = host your desired Machines and Patterns
Patterns = the total or whole of the 6 track parts.

Kits contain all of these...Machines, Tracks, Patterns and Midi data. Think of Kit’s as the equivalent to the MPC’s Programs…Just remember that its all integrated.

Machines > Tracks > Patterns
(you don’t need a pattern to hear the machines though.....but Machines have to have a Track for playback)

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgI would load up a ‘New Kit’ on say Bank F-1 and see for yourself: Starting from scratch/New Kits really helped me to learn it. I know other people find it helpful to hear the pre-existing Kits....either way, just keep hammering at it. It took me probably about 1 week or 2 to really understand how everything was working together.

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