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-How did Autechre make the sounds on Quaristice?

First, I think some of the weird synthy/reverb sounds were derived by turning the delay time on the mono way down (to 1 or 2) and the feedback very high. You can get some weird timbres in this way, and, on the low end, sometimes they sound like some of the stuff off of Quaristice. Also mess with sweeping the delay time; at certain settings you can get some autechery wooshes.

Second, last night I went nuts with the lfos on the mono and noticed that setting one to the retrig time resulted in some fun stuttering effects, esp. when combined with filtering lfoing on the bbox pitch. I think the multiplier on the lfo also had something to do with it.

Quaristice sounds like it is full of the FM+ machines, also Booth is well documented for his love of FM synthesis.


I use the static FM machine with long decays and slow synced LFO’s modulating operator levels good for drones.

Drums sounds can be quite abstract given the monophonic nature on the MnM’s percussion kits but this does give very original results when used with the arpeggiator and p/locking the retrigger amount. I wish you could load your own kits as that whistle sound really spoils things.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgCopy a pattern and then switch off the trigs of the track I want to fade out slowly into the next pattern so it should work during various patterns provided Hold/Dec parameters are set high enough. This could also be good for creating less subtle walls of sound, especially in combination with setting the delay feedback parameter to a high setting to add another layer.

Make sure not to overlook the trigless trigs on the Mono, perfect for changing the sound without retriggering envelopes (unless you want). i wish the MD had them, but they’re a brilliant and idea and really cool function. More obviously slow lfos and slides are good for drone stuff.

Delay, delay, delay... the MnM has a beautiful delay for creating drones, and they definitely drone on through chained patterns, stopped patterns.
Load up a single sound, crank the delay, set some slow lfo’s, adjust filter to taste (I like to do extreme filtering with some decent Q to create those little random plucks and things which sound great in the delay and with trigless trigs), play some drones and bliss out; joystick tweaking is especially fun in these moments.


to make noise/hiss/fuzz/static/crackle to play in the background of your tracks to add a lo-fi feel use a Monomachine FX machine. Overdrive the input and feed it an irregular pattern. Distort.

Hit the Elektron Radio button and listen to “October from November” for an example. sysex:

i like to use the following method for random background noise with the MnM:

load the drum machine and play a basic rhythm. Cowbells, Hihats and some other percussion works very nice. then set the retrig and retrig speed paraemters to 64 or wherever you want. give some delay. now use LFOs on retriger speed, pitch, maybe delay speed and pan. now you have some random noises going around the panorama in different pitches. filter to taste. et voilà
tIB 2009/01/12 01:57

edit by previewlounge:

here is a list of Monomachine EQ section frequencies mapped to EQ parameter values, as listed by Sauna Sound (who tested the frequency response in a pretty clean studio from the sounds of things).

Monomachine EQ Frequencies

40Hz - 1
60Hz - 10
80Hz - 16
100Hz - 21
150Hz - 29
250Hz - 41
300Hz - 44
500Hz - 54
1000HZ - 68
1500Hz - 76
1800Hz - 80
2000Hz - 82
2500Hz - 87
3000Hz - 90
3500Hz - 93
4000Hz - 96
4500Hz - 98
5000Hz - 100
6000Hz - 104
7500Hz - 109
10000Hz 114
12000Hz 121

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