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In song mode, you can specify the offset of a pattern. For example, if you have a pattern that is 32 beats long, you can specify that the pattern should start on beat 5, play for 16 beats, and then switch to another pattern.

The Elektron song sequencer is derived from old-school MOD trackers, which require that the composer enter in which events will occur, row by row.

Stick with it! You may find that the sequencer will do what you want it to do, and show you things you didn’t know you wanted to do.

You can change the start point and length of a pattern from within songmode. What this means is you can literally remix and rehash patterns from within songmode. This is also possible with the MD. So, for example: Instead of your pattern starting on its first beat, it starts on the third beat and comes in off-beat, you can use this to create stutters and that feeling that the beat has just fallen in on itself before you right it a couple of bars later etc..

...or by changing the length of the pattern : create shorter/longer loops from your original patterns. - useful for that housey build up where the loop reduces to 1 qtr beat (or any variation between 2 - 32 - 1/16th notes) instead of being 4. Or you can use a combination of the two concepts for total rehashing.

This is just a basic use of these functions, when you combine them with switching between patterns all kinds of stuff is possible.

To achieve 1 step of the mnm’s songe mode (shortest vaule is 2 steps), double the tempo of for the two steps using the tempo fix; its crude but it works.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgOne thing that helped me a lot is “Function+Down Arrow” it’s a copy of the high-lighted “part” of the song, so if you’re muting you always get your “newest” muting part – recording mutes
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