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MNM slide function is a little different to that of say a TB303 as it doesn’t slide pitch, however this can be recreated.

Parameter lock one of the LFO’s on the note that has to slide to the second one. The waveform I use is saw up ( /| )for slide up and saw down ( |\) for a slide down.

You have to play a little with the speed and amount etc to make the slide work, and MOST IMPORTANT you have to transpose the note you’re sliding because it’s really out of tune because of the LFO you apply.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgUse parameter locks on the portamento feature

Turn portamento up and just let the the notes overlap on a internal sequencer. That means:

Turn portamento to 64.
1. use hold long enough (set it to max for test)
2. trig one note
3. trig other note after it (don’t program note_off to MnM; no yellow leds).

You can also use the slide function to ‘smooth’ parameter locks: MNM track-slide feature makes your sequence more ‘liquid’. For example:

1. Set low cutoff parameter lock on step 1
2. 2. Set high cutoff parameter lock on step 16
3. Press function + slide
4. Select step 1 and 16 in slide mode

Tied notes with MnM are easy:

1. Make basic synth sound with SuperSaw for example.
2. Use Amp-Env to make is 1/16 lenght.
3. Program some notes on the sequencer.
4. Now, program some trigless trigs, with the note changes next to normal trigs.
5. Parameter lock the ‘hold’ value bigger for notes that you want to be tieing other notes.
6. Adjust the slide to your taste.

That’s it. If you do it couple of times, you will get the workflow and start to think less technically this.

You should also do parameter locks for filter and different slide-times.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgYou can do some pretty nice acid-lines out of MnM. Don’t forget to route your filter to joystick There are some great waves for acid to found at the end of DigiPro-machine, or you could load your own into the mk2.

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