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Note input works (SFX-60) through 16 step triggers (you can choose what octave you’re in), and/or external keyboard. You can do both in real time, step-sequencing, and can edit an individual note after the fact. You can see what particular pitch a note-on trigger is by pressing and holding the particular step trigger. While doing this, you can using the arrow keys of the MNM to alter the pitch. You don’t specifiy note lengths in the way in which the MIDI machines on the MD do. Each synth track has evenlope parameters (attack, hold, decay, release) which control note duration. You can, of course, freak the fuck out with parameter locks for total control.

In terms of mono vs. poly modes. It’s all or nothing–either you have 6 internal mono tracks or 6 tracks polyphonically assigned to one ‘machine.’ Synthesizer parameters are roughly parallel to the MD’s, and, IMO, there are more than enough for a huge pallete of sounds. The individual machines within the synthesis types, coupled with their own parameters, coupled with effects, filter, delay, lfo, etc., provide ample room to diverse sounds.

The sequencer is actually one of the strongest parts of the Monomachine.

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