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Perhaps the most important aspect of the monomachine sequencer is the concept of parameter locks. Experiment with them as much as you can and you will soon discover just how powerful they really are.

Choose track 1. Make sure the record led is firmly lit and not flashing by pressing the RECORD key.

Press the DATA PAGE keys and choose the filter page.

Press and hold a TRIG key containing a note trig. A note trig is indicated by a firmly lit led above the TRIG key.

While holding the TRIG key, turn encoder A to change the BASE parameter. This will alter the frequency of the filter, filtering out more low frequencies the more you turn the knob. Note how the parameter graphics will invert in the display.

Release the TRIG key. Note how the led above the note trig will start to flash. This indicates that the parameter has been locked to the chosen value. Parameter locks can be applied to all parameters found in the data pages. Have fun!


To clear P-locks from an individual step hold the trig and press ‘clear’ (play).

To clear P-locks from a pattern hold down Function + Clear at the same time but hold it for about 3-4 seconds and select clear p-locks.

You can do all of the previous methods without stopping playback.


You can shift patterns along 1 step at a time by pressing Func + Left or Right.

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