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Individual outs make sense if you have external processors in your aux sends/returns or inserts on your mixer. Very interesting and useful once you know you way around multi-fx processors, reverbs, compressors etc.

Using the individual outs, you lose MnM panning. However, you gain the ability to shape individually tracks out of all recognition (should you choose). Plus, as already stated, you also then have the ability to remix the individually captured audio. Overall, if you use the individual outs you gain far more than you lose.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgDon’t forget to route your mixers send back into the monos inputs for more onboard processing.

You can also route out to do frequency cuts. After starting to separate outs it was interesting how the percussion sounds actually gained a lot of their output from frequency ranges that I didn’t expect them to be in (the kick was in a large part up in the mids, the snares were down in the lows and the hats were in the mid-highs), I’ve had a lot of fun cutting out the unneccessary frequencies to get more of a seperation in the mix. Also told me about how I was programming stuff.

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