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Octatrack Version 0.99 Bugs & Feature Requests


Volume Dial
Volume Dial only affects the headphone output, It does not change the Main volume out.

Level Encoder as a data dial
Level Encoder is sometimes used on list views as a data dial which is nice but pressing Level Encoder does not work as an enter key.
The Level Encoder is not used for entering text, would be nice if it was.

Undos don´t work yet. So watch out.

Feature requests:

Long (Minutes) Audio Recording + Static Machine recording + Direct CF Card Recording!!

Ability to import 24 bit samples.

Make external sampling easier. Currently there are too many steps. Should be a 3 to 4 step process. E.g.-Sample Mode/Input Source/Make It So or Engage:)/ save

Show Dial movements based on Scene transition

Ability to trigless trig a sample change

Ability to Lock Scene A or Scene B button so triggers instantly switch scene

Ability for each pattern to have it’s own default sample from the 128 samples available

Realtime Recording of Parameter Locks

Realtime Recording of Triggers to the sequencer

Ability to preview sample using FUNCTION & YES in the Playback Setup Window

Ability to name tracks and appear in the display

Ability to slice a sample, then edit each sample slice individually having full control over pitch and timestretch of each slice-independent of the master tempo. At this point the user would be able to trigger each slice from an external midi controller.

Ability to fade in and fade out samples.

Backspace function when naming/renaming recorded and sliced samples. It will make this task much faster.

Individual slice processing. After slicing a sample it would be great to highlight a slice by either using one of the rotary encoders, the fader or the cursor keys to move to it, then when you’d push enter it would open the slice in a new window for dedicated processing (pitch shift, time stretch).

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