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Factory Reset/Pattern Nuke:

Turn off. Power up while holding ‘Function’. Presto


press: Function + Global (pattern/song) go to: File then: Sysex Receive


Pelican Cases Model 1500 this model can hold one MM SFX-60 or MD series Model 1550 capable of holding two units Model 1700 cable of holding two units lengthwise Model 1720 works excellent for the Monomachine SFX-6

Misc. Options Old trumpet cases. Photography stores have nice hard plastic flight cases for cheap. DAP makes a microphone case which matches the Machinedrum exactly (Unconfirmed) Cheap cases at Lowe’s Hardware. Home Depot has similar “adjustable” tool cases with foam packing. Flightkit. Don Skeller SN4 camera bag w/ some custom cut gray packing foam.


The mono is velocity sensitive yet the sequencer does not record velocity; you have no way defining velocity on the step sequencer. So it’s only velocity sensitive if played with a keyboard ext seq

To get a more “velocity/human” feel, I usually just turn rec on and tweak the volume knob.

To alter settings:

kit page assign tab 4 right arrows to»»»»»»»»VEL tab Select ANY 2 parameters to be controlled by Velocity

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