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Multi trig mode basically means you can play all 6 machines on 1 midi ch, so you have to set the multi trig ch on the mnm to the same as what you are playing it from. Mine is set 1-6 machines 7 multi trig ch etc. This is set in the global section

Multi trig responds to midi track 11 or 10 only, though I believe you can change this in the global settings menu. Play some keys at it from MIDI ch 11, should work.

If you sequence the MNM externally (eg using logic) the MnM is a 6 part multi timbral synth.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgThe advantage of the M trig m is to combine it with internal seq/arps, so you can trig it from logic but it plays the int seq/arps with up to 6 parts. It’s a little hard to control but is capable of some big sounds.

There are 4 ways multi trig works:

*all tracks
*key split
*seq start
*seq transpose

You have to select one of these modes.... and depending on which mode further parameters. This is set in the kit section.

Then play a note on a keyboard(do that first) or send a seq note and away it goes.

With the keyboard version mulitriggin is easy, under kit setup→multi select seq transp, then the kit will transpose to the key you select on the multi-trig channel, which is 8 by default.

You can also transpose each (or all) track using funct and trans and altering the setting- track moves the whole track and patt moves the individual pattern.
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