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Section 1

hi everyone, did you know it is possible to loop patterns from different banks on the MnM, while in Pattern Mode?

well, this is possible, although if you want the MD to have the same functionality, gotta choose for it to accept Pattern Changes, enable MnM to Send Pattern Changes..

anyways, MD is another story, this thread is about MnM...

hold down E

press Trig 3

release E

maintain hold on Trig 3

click and hold bank G

with Trig 3 still held, click Trig 4

voila, now Pattern Mode loops between E3 and G4

... ...

Section 2

okay, here is the technique to loop Pattern Mode playback of Multi=Bank patterns from both sides of the line (that being from banks A-D and E-H)

may or may not be helpful for live work, depending on each individual’s approach to live performance.

to begin with, seems like too much button action; after a bit of practice, v. simple.

click Bank A, hold, click Trig 1

release Bank A hold Trig 1,

click Bank B, click Trig 2 keep Trig 1 and 2

release Bank B, hold Trig 1 and 2,

click Bank Selektor Button click Bank E, click Trig 3 release all..

Pattern Mode now loops between Bank A, Bank B, and then a Bank from the other line, Bank E

it is not essential to keep all Trig numbers held, just one, except this explanation is the most easy to begin with.

Human Koala mentioned it is a cool idea to record realtime p_Locks over chained patterns, and Gys mentioned the idea of recording parameter sweeps over four different patterns and then re-arranging the playback of those patterns.

whilst not specifically an idea usable only with the Multi-Bank Pattern Loop Technique, i thought it would be good to mention their excellent thinking here at the Wiki. nice one! :)

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