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Uses for Parameter Lock Slides:

I use it sometimes when I recorded parameter locks but I don’t want them to jump around. With slide you get a smooth parameter glide. For instance, if you want panning to go from left to right in a smooth fashion you simply program a lock left pan on the first note and a firm right on the last. When you select all triggers in slide the panning will go slow from left to right instead of jumping.

Adding different swing amounts to each tracks:

While this can’t be done by using the normal means, i.e. the swing parameter, you can fake it though by using the LFO modulating the track volume. Trigger an inverted square wave LFO every time a note is hit, modulate the steps where you want the swing, use parameter locks to achieve this.

A bonus is that if you use both the normal swing and the triggered LFO swing, you can go beyond the 80% swing limit.

Some reasons to use songmode:

1 - Automate Mutes.
2 - Automate drumkit changes.
3 - Mix to patterns together, e.g. first 6 beats from one then last 2 from the other.
4 - Create temporary or infinite looping areas.
5 - Still have full control over patterns and sounds.
6 - Automate tempo changes.

Machinedrum CC mappings:

Excellent downloadable courtesy of teacherofstalker here:

The file contains the Ctrl-Change Mappings table as found in the MachineDrum manual, Appendix B: MIDI Control Reference section, with the addition of Ctrl values in decimal format.
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