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For ROM machines try the soundwaves from the 3OT and Opuswerk’s analogue sampling project:


RTRG on the E12-BD and varying the RTIM for pitch to make basslines.
Try using the E12 HH’s too, lots of possibilities there using the same method as above.

TRX-B2 realy get some awesome basslines out of it. Set the Hold parameter to a high value, then play with Pitch and Ramp params. Then set Noise, Dirt and Dist to your liking. Set up a LFO and link that to (for example) FilterFreq.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgE12 machines with retrigger work well. Take a low tom sound for example, make it retrigger with very short interval and low-pass filter it. Lfo or param-lock the interval and you’re good to go.


Use a TRX-B2 machine with the DIST (the one on the synthesis page)parameter set to maximum.
You’ll probably also want to turn the RAMP all the way down. Then you can apply an LFO to the FLTW.It also helps to use the EQ to boost the low end.
Try setting the DEC pretty low, and turn the HOLD up. You can use the HOLD parameter to set the note length. You’ll also want to have the TICK, NOIS, and DIRT parameters turned all the way down.

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