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The monomachine features 3 LFO’s per track.

LFO times work at 2x number, so 64=1/4 note (with multipliers you can get large LFO time range)

A couple of words on the lfo’s:

1) The lfo’s will run whatever happens; that is whether you trigger a note or not, the lfo runs. So you cannot “turn off” the lfo. It is calculated anyway.

2) The lfo is alway tempo synced. On the lfo page, you’ll find the mult parameter which multipies the speed of the lfo with a certain factor relative to the tempo. The spd parameter next to it, gives you a finer speed control which let’s you break out of the 1/16 or 1/2 measure per lfo cycle speed. (I hope this makes sense)

3) The lfo is free running. This means that the lfo triggers on the lfo track are meaningless, unless you configure the trig parameter on the lfo page on “trig”, “one” or “half”. That parameter is very important.

When you configure the lfo trig parameter on “trig”. Putting an lfo trigger on the lfo trig track will reset the phase of the lfo to the beginning of it’s cycle.

Try the following experiment:

-place two notes on a track: one on step 1, the next one on step 9.

-go to the amp page and set hold on anything above 64. You have a continuously running tone now, while in fact it is built with two notes.

-go to the lfo page:
-pitch on 80
-trig on free
-mult on 8
-depth on 100 or something

Now go to the lfo trig track. There should be two triggers, both on the same steps as where you programmed the notes (1 and 9). Program some extra triggers, I don’t care where.

To see how the triggering works, move into the lfo page again and put the trig parameter on trig, hold, one, half and free again....You’ll see.

Say you want to route track 2’s LFO to control a parameter on Track 1. Go to track two, press Function + Synth Page select to enter the LFO screen as normal. The first parameter on the LFO screen lets you then choose which track the LFO will be applied to.

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