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With the Monomachine you have to save a kit to save a machine; ie. each pattern does not have an associated kit saved with it. You can customize the Mono to your workflow i.e. you can save various basses in a bass kit, leads in lead kits or you save your ‘performances’ in one kit (bass-perc-lead-pad) etc.

Copying a machine out of another track:

Go into edit (almost like you are setting up or changing the current machine) but don’t select a machine.

When you are in the machine selection window (IE. saw, sid, vo, etc) press function and copy.

Select the track you want to copy to (1 through 6 on the right side of the MnM) then press function and paste.

You just exit out of the machine window and you are done. If you want to save your change then save the kit as normal. Alternatively make another kit to change the machines used in a progression of sequences.

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