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The monomachine inputs open up many possibilities for external sound processing.

If you are suffering a low level or noise loss make sure you turn off Filtertracking. See the joystick-menu and turn both lpf- and hpf-tracking off.

You can run an external audio signal through the monomachines filter section and the entire env, SRR, dist., etc. block, though you may have to trigger the filter using the sequencer.

Not only can you filter, add delay, use SRR on inputs but you can rythmically gate the sounds by setting different amount on Hold parameter. Mnm is a killer processing unit - much more extensive than MD when talking input only.

You can use the MNM as a P-locked effects unit, just with the limitation of only 2 inputs.

Applying FX Machines internally:

Once you choose your synth as FX and the type of FX machine, it will automatically set you up as input ~neighbor...this means it’s going to apply to the prior track.

Apart from the neighbour option you can route one or various tracks to a bus (e.g. CD i.e. select CD as output when editing kit)) and then setup an FX track with input CD and output that one to AB - thus all tracks routed to bus CD will be effected by the FX track. You can also route a track to AB + CD then you will have the dry signal as well as the effected signal on the output bus. Lots of possibilities, experimenting is key here.

Dont forget to press the steps you want your FX machine to be hear, it´s a weird but excellent concept that you have to sequence the trigger for the audio FX too. This opens a vast array of possibilities using the triggers in combination with parameter locks for the steps

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgThe arp is pretty cool on FX tracks too... try it on ring mod.

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