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8Bit style

//909 style Hats://
I was able to create similar cymbal sounds. Try experimenting with the ride cymbal machines (efm and e12). The Machinedrum lacks such good samples, but it’s a synth, not a sampler! Don’t worry, the Machinedrum cymbals are fine and “fresh” sounding, you just need to work a bit on the parameters.
I find that the hats need bit reduction (only a little) and a huge peak with the Eq and sometimes the res filter too. Seems to bring out the bite and sizzle present in the original 909 samples.
Bit reduction sounds like a good idea since the original 909 samples for the hats are something like 6 bit IIRC. Also, if you want to emulate a 909 fully you should only tweak the controls available on the original machine during playback or it won’t sound genuine. That is, once you’ve made a 909 hat-sound don’t touch anything but the decay.

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