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For some reason the MnM-delay is my favourite of all delays I’ve tried. Maybe it’s because it’s so tighly integrated to patch-design and sequencing that I’ve got better results from it than other delays (vsts mainly). Sometimes I end up with smooth as ever type delays with it.

It would be great to see same functionally with MD.

Theoretically the mono can create two tap delay, with individual panning:

Track 1=source (+ delay can be engaged) Track 2(tap1) = FX Machine input neighbor, pan L Dsend/time as chosen Track 3 (tap2)= FX machine input neighbor, pan R Dsend/time as chosen. . . . Track 6 = FX machine input know the drill.

Delay times work with power of two minus one, 2^N - 1. For 1/4 note, use 63, 1/8 = 31, 1/16 = 15 etc

Try fiddling around with the LFO sweeping on the depth of the delay or whatever you come up with... dont forget that you can let the 3 LFO’s control eachother

Plocking the delay time can be nice

Route some tracks to a reverb machine and use it’s delay with various types of locks on different steps

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