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Ctr-8p machine

The ctr-8p machine allows you to assign whatever you want to the first 8 parameters of the machine (I.e. On the synthesis page). You can take any parameter from any other loaded machine and assign it to one of these. Which means that you can stare at one control page and tweak completely different and independent parameters for several different machines without having to change pages or active tracks. In addition, you can sequence changes to these parameters via parameter locks. What’s great about this is that the locks on a ctr machine track (for this or for the ctr-al) don’t trig anything; they just change parameters. Which is great because this is the only feature that the mono machine’s sequencer has over the Machinedrum’s and these machines make it possible.

The exciting part for me is how the CTR-8P (for “8 Parameter”) machine centralizes control of many parameters on different tracks onto one screen. Now you can have the pitch from the bass drum, the interference frequency from your snare drum, and the decay settings for your hats and things all on one screen, for easy use during live performance, without using up a lot of hand movement changing active track. That is why CTR-8P is cool.

//CTR-AL Machine://

The ctr-al machine changes the respective parameter on every track. It’s the same as holding function while changing a parameter on a track. The difference here is that you can sequence these global parameter changes through parameter locks.


I just use a kit and add the CRT ALL at track 16 (always empty) tweak away, and than re-load the original kit! everything is in the right place.
Now, I also record a lot of those “random” results in order to use them back in my sequencer (Live 6) as loops. You can also record some in the ram machines for further tweaking.
No a real solution if you like to be in TOTAL control of your sounds. But form me that’s the beauty of it.

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