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C6 & TM-1 (TurboMidi)


C6 is Elektron’s SysEx & sample software. It works for both Apple OS X & Windows XP.

Manual: C6 Latest User Manual

TM-1 (TurboMidi)

User Guide/Manual: TM User Guide


Q: I am trying to load samples to my MD via C6, but the machine stays on ‘Waiting...’ mode.

  • Under C6 > Configure, make sure the ‘Elektron TM-1’ ports are selected, and that the ‘Rec File’ should match the filetype of your samples
  • Use a ‘two-way’ MIDI connection (i.e., TM-1 OUT » MD IN and vice-versa)
  • Check for faulty MIDI cables
  • Check that the TM-1 ports are not occupied by another application
  • In C6, select the file(s) first, then hit ‘Send’.
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