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The MnM has 6 internal tracks, each of which is monophonic. In the case of using the beatbox, you can only trigger one sample per step on a single track. You can change the sample over the course of a sequence, so you could have:

Kick - Hat - Kick Snare Hat Hat

However, you can’t trigger two samples at the same time with just one track. The MNM beatbox’s monophony is a major limitation; you can’t layer drum sounds within a track, so you need to use multiple tracks, i.e. one for kick, one for snares, one for hats etc. unless you are not triggering snare and kick simultaneously (etc. etc.), which seems unlikely. The best solution to the problem is buy a drummachine, elektron make a very nice one, it matches the MnM.

Alternatively its worth having a go at using the arp, you can get 2 notes playing very quickly together although obviously not at the same time. There is interest to be had here though with the MNM beatbox.

On a Bbox track, you can add live variation or breaks to a pattern easily by tweaking the Transpose controls.

Its worth mentioning that some of the string type sound techniques mentioned in the MD tips guide (p14 &15) should be able to be recreated in the MNM varying the pitch of, for example, a hi-hat.

The bbox also gets very interesting creating ‘synth’ sounds using a very short delay with a long decay feedback/width; interesting sounds to be had here.

3192725283_706f736860_m.jpgTranpose using the pitch knob and vary the sample start with PLocks it.

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