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The Monomachines arpeggiators offer a number of features all of which can be found in the user manual. The following are suggestions for its uses:

I use the monomachine’s arpeggiators along with transpose a LOT: They’re amazing when you know how to work with them.

For example, I often sequence a nice chord progression in Ableton Live, then put Ableton’s arpeggiators to work and spit arpeggiated data back into the monomachine. I’ll route that data into a track in the mnm, turn the arpeggiator to “add”, and quite often wonderful things happen.

You can tweak the arp settings live by going into arp mode and changing the length of the arp, the steps on which the arp sounds, the number of octaves the arp covers, and numerous other functions.

When you have an octave set in the arp, OJMP controls the note on which the octave jump occurs.

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