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TOPIC: Forum tips & tricks
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Forum tips & tricks 11 Years, 9 Months ago
So i thought i'd start a thread here going over some of the regular questions that come up. I hope this helps:


Go to: SnipShot

Upload you photo

Once it's uploaded go to 'Adjust' in the header of the page. Once it's selected it will turn green and you'll get a window like this:

Next, lets set the image width and height:

Be sure click the 'lock' symbol in between W___px & H____px, so that it's off. Also, enter 155 x 75. Once you've made all the changes you want, click save. Save to where ever you'd like on your computer, then upload to 'Forum Profile' / 'My Avatar' on our site.

Hope that helps.

There's many other online editors, and applications you can use. I just found this one, tested it, seems to work fine and is very easy to use.


the above example shows how when an image is linked and is wider it will now use the horizontal scrolling.

additionally by default, if you click on the:

you get:

which by default limits the size to 470px. well within the forum width requirements.

if you image is smaller then 470 it will still make it 470px unless you manually change it. you can always remove the size=470px portion of the tag. just be share to leave no space then. so you'd have (img)
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Re:Forum tips & tricks 11 Years, 9 Months ago

All registered users are capable of using polls in threads.

Go to Polldaddy and register
Create 'New Poll'. Add Name and Questions then Save. presto
Directly after you save it you'll be directed to a screen showing "Javescript Method", on the right select ' Direct Link Method'.

You should some code like this:
Code: :

All we need is the ID. The ID is the series of numbers in the above example. Each poll gets its on id.

To link a Polldaddy poll in the forum you this string of code but replace the numbers with the ones you got from Polldaddy.:

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Re:Forum tips & tricks 11 Years, 9 Months ago
cool, cool

I just wanted to note
that everyone here is allowed to use my polldaddy account (so we don't have to create multiple accounts -> time+space consuming)

pass: "the name of the company that creates these wonderful machines, and we ramble about all day long" (hint; starts with an 'E')
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Re:Forum tips & tricks 11 Years, 8 Months ago

Pretty straight forward here but here's a quick walk-thru.

When you 'Reply' or start a 'New Thread' you can choose to subscribe to that thread by clicking on the 'subscribe' button. You can see it here:

You can manage you subscriptions by going to the User Menu/Forum Profile. Once in your Forum Profile there's a menu on the left. You can access your Subscriptions and favorites there.

Also, so long as your signed in you can directly subscribe or favorite any thread at the very bottom of the thread

Hope that helps.
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