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TOPIC: max/msp patches
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max/msp patches 7 Years, 1 Month ago
I don't know if this is the right place for this thread but here goes..

Is anyone in here interested in sharing max/msp patches?
I've programmed myself a physical modeling snare-drum and am doing more (my own designs and ideas of FM synths, samplers and some interesting synchronization~swing ideas etc.)
and i thought i'd share these as freebies if someone is interested.
Not to flatter myself i'm actually quite happy with this current snare version, it lacks many features and is seriously simplified when it comes to the physical modeling, but i'm looking at programming more when i get the designs ready (i usually plan these ahead because it saves me a lot of headaches when i'm in the middle of setting things up inside the patch)
ie. waveguides, resonance modes, layering and so on.
It sounds good and that's what matters! ^^
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Re:max/msp patches 7 Years, 1 Month ago
I'm fairly new to the max/msp world so none of my patches are very good, but if you want to share yours, I'd be interested in checking it out and providing some feedback.

I've been interested in designing a sequencer with lots of swing and polyrhythm parameters.
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