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TOPIC: OT live recording midi dropped notes
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OT live recording midi dropped notes 5 Years ago
I have finally found the time to sit down and put all the pieces together in recording from my Virus TI2 keyboard using the Octatrack's live midi recording sequencer. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get things to work as I was expecting. I'm recording a very basic pattern (just two-note chords) and no matter how carefully I play, there are always a few notes that seem to be dropped or not picked up by the OT when I go to play the pattern back. I've even tried recording via MIDI from my Nord Stage 2, and get more or less the same inconsistent results.

One other thing that is puzzling me is when I try to live record knob movements (again just a very basic CC controlling the filter cut-off on the Virus - so tweaking CC1 knob on the OT during live recording), somewhere in the middle of the pattern it "drops" a value, which sounds like a sudden shift from an extreme value back to where it should be (and it is consistent each time it plays through).

This is all very puzzling to me. I thought the OT was supposed to be able to record MIDI pretty accurately? I don't think I'm stressing it at all, since it should be able to handle up to four notes at a time, microtiming, velocity, note off, etc.

I did just recently update to OS 1.25, but I don't think that is the cause. I also swapped out the memory card and tried a much faster UDMA7 32GB Sandisk, with the same results.

Is there something I'm missing or should look at to try and get this all sorted out?
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Posts: 69
Re:OT live recording midi dropped notes 5 Years ago
I posted a couple of examples of what's happening -

(forgive the cheesiness of the samples themselves, this is just to illustrate the problem)
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