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TOPIC: Re:This Forum Died
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Re:This Forum Died 10 Years, 1 Month ago
i'd follow a new unofficial forum if it had the great vibe that this has always had.. honestly i'm surprised no one has already made one with the amount of complaining that goes on.

i guess everyone's hands are kinda tied. HQ has control of this site and plans to make a read only affair. hey OP, why don't you shoot first and ask questions later?
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A4, MnM, DSI MEK-x2, Waldorf Pulse+, Q, XT, Blofeld, Miniworks 4-Pole Filter; Virus KC, KB; Korg DW8000,;Alesis Fusion;Minibrute; Quasimidi Polymorph
Re:This Forum Died 10 Years, 1 Month ago
Long time 'lurker' before even making the few posts. I really wish the search feature would at *least* allow one or two more words because as it is, it took me quite a while to find combination of words to magically unlock wealth of threads pertaining to extensive cv/gate info on my Analog Four, which am thrilled that it's arriving tomorrow!
For instance, I have a total hardware synth set-up with the dedicated PC DAW build for Reaper nothing more than a very capable recorder of mainly audio and I use no VST nor virtual effects.
Purchased a Waldorf Pulse+ specifically for it's eventual integration with now come-tomorrow-reality, of A4 finally in hands and for the Pulse+ having an extensive cv/gate in, multi-cv/gate outs, and cv to midi converter...kind of like a Kenton on steroids built into an awesome analog 3 osc mono synth. So imagine my quagmire being limited to an insanely crippled search engine that was like trying to ask something from 10 meters away in sign language with only one hand with only four fingers?!
I eventually managed to continue to compile info but this raises another issue; does anyone else reasonably think Elektron should release an extensive addendum for the CV/Gate Track and all the rather delicate setting-up which due to real analog's inherent nature, will vary from different device's due to different filter, envelope, pitch, voltage/Hz/S-trig, let alone VCO's need warm-up time and quite often like the MS20, original and new re-release, will vary from each same machine to machine?
Was fortunate in that Waldorf's Pulse+ manual actually has extremely detailed info on setting these various parameters for it's own extremely versatile set-up menu to include things I am certain now the A4 can do as far as using C/D cv/out to do things in the Pulse+ modulation matrix, once I wrap my head around P-Locks in this application.

On-Topic and related to above in that since Elektron manages this forum, it would certainly be helpful as the DSI user forum has, machine-specific categories in which there becomes a very useful tether of information in-use of multiple machines in set-ups depending on which is master/slave, et al. I finally found info that it's indeed possible to use my MonoMachine Mk1 to connect via midi.
Do not get me wrong, as I really love this forum and if nothing changed aside from the search function, would be very pleased. Have been reading manual download and so much A4 info that is quite frankly not written as explicitly as my hard copy MnM mk1 manual, that I have actually been having DREAMS about the Analog Four of late and doubt will sleep tonight, as feel like stalking my UPS driver on his route and obtaining/signing for my A4 because am quite literally at very EBD of his route!!

May I mention that as with most forums and we fussy Cultural Creatives can be; some would-be new people *could be* quite turned-off by some aggressive replies have viewed pretty often, that if I did not have already a sardonic side to personality, would feel a bit scorned for asking a question that inherent limitations of actual length of intelligent search queries allow and not everyone possesses a thorough working knowledge of midi, let alone NRPN/LSB/MSB, and sysex. Rather than aggressive and at times crass replies, perhaps refer a person to a well respected online or amazon book on the topic.
Always important to remember each one of us were beginners at some point at different points and a great forum needs to allow for those whom up to this point may have solely worked with software synths in the DAW and Elektron Machine may be their first venture in hardware.
Just as me as a hardware veteran has to learn to wrap brain around P-Locks and Kits, etc.

Search engine overhaul, please?!!!
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Re:This Forum Died 7 Years ago
it lives...
it's like moving quietly through an ancestor's mansion. all the furniture is covered with sheets, the piano is out of tune, but i can't help but feel a presence..
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