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Machinedrum SPS-1UW
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swiv-3.interlude3hot! 03/14/2008  Hits: 3475
An experiment made using the MDUW for percussion.
swiv-2.fhot! 03/14/2008  Hits: 2994
An experiment made using the MDUW for percussion.
Mbase01hot! 12/23/2007  Hits: 2939
hey everyone!. here's 26 base-kicks from jomox basemachine Mbase01. I have and i still use theese fantastic little files, i suggest u do the same!
UW Dubhot! 11/26/2007  Hits: 2476
UW only Dub track with a bit of external reverb on whole mix
Foundation of a track I'm working on which I turned into a long (boring ?) dub version introducing recently UW upgraded MD and SPL gear (Dynamaxx and Vitalizer MKII), all other sounds are Mono + NL2x partly processed through Mono. One pattern muting/unmuting with CTRL ALL machine handlings.
Steel Crunk Funkhot! 08/05/2007  Hits: 3026
Just a SPS Groove jammed with, some nice sounds I reckon. Still learning the beast tho really. R.
UW piano treatmenthot! 07/20/2007  Hits: 3883
A clip to showcase UW treatment of a piano loop, you can hear how the hold parameter changes the groove and starts resembling a strummed guitar, filter changes, bit-reduction, amd/amf parameters introducing ring modulation and pitch shiftings.
Niall Impulse 120 BPM {Timing Results}hot! 04/06/2007  Hits: 2061
This is a composite of two passes. The left channel is an impulse on quarter notes at 120 BPM, with all other tracks muted. The right channel is the same impulse track, but with all other tracks unmuted and their mix volumes turned to zero. I wanted to see if there would be a difference. Both passes were recorded to a Sony HiMD MZ-RH1. While I concur with David that a DAW is an acceptable means to capture and present sample-accurate recordings, I have opted to use a dedicated, realtime recording device to address concerns voiced by Nathan and others. Here are the first six peak to peak measurements. 1 to 2: 22016 2 to 3: 22112 3 to 4: 22016 4 to 5: 22048 5 to 6: 22112 6 to 7: 22016 ... You can follow the rest by opening up the wave file in your DAW. There appears to be a periodic fluctuation, but in the first six peaks, it's less than a millisecond at 96 samples. I'm not really concerned about the "musical" effect this entails, but I don't think these numbers are as extreme as the ones David has reported. David, what say you? The right channel, which was recorded with other tracks unmuted, but mixed to silence, is very interesting. You'll note that the first peak lines up exactly with the left channel, but they're all over the place, relatively speaking, after that!
md/uw clock oschot! 01/19/2007  Hits: 1914
for use with rom machines as an audio clock.
Ghost in the ROMhot! 01/18/2007  Hits: 2415
6 samples turned into a barberpole-ish synthersizer and a simple but effective beat with gated reverb over everything. sorry for using 320 bit but there was serious anti-aliasing when I tried it in lower quality. 190 bpm.
dtr/divi - glitchhot! 01/09/2007  Hits: 2857
Glitchy MD-UW track with a little bit of Ion synth-plops. One pass recording, no post editing except for a bit of compression.
16hot! 01/01/2007  Hits: 2328
well this one is really fresh - just did it yesterday evening. using a mm, a virus, an evolver. enjoy, -monoman-
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