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How to record with v0.99 Octatrack

So to get a sample going you have to do these steps;

Press the track button of an empty track to pick a track slot
Hold playback 1-2 seconds to edit the machine
Press right down left & down x times to change the machine in the slot to Flex Rx>recorder
Press enter twice to confirm
Press exit to get back to the main screen
Press function + record (ab or cd) to check the record settings
Decide on if you want to use a trig recorder or a manual recorder, let’s use trig...
Press play and then record to start the sequencer
Press T1 to place a record trigger on the first track
- from now on the OT constantly records, replacing the sample buffer on every pass
- you will be hearing the live input not your sample
Press exit to get back to the main screen
Hold playback 1-2 seconds to edit the machine
Press enter to edit the machine
Press trim(LFO) and you can watch the sample being constantly overwritten
- turning off the trigger step seems to only change if you are monitoring the input
- the trim waveform still is being replaced by the input regardless of the trig step
Press oper(effect 2) to save the sample (which is still being overwritten)
Press enter to give the sample a name (which is still being overwritten)
Press up and down and right enter a name (sample still being overwritten)
- I miss the big data dial on the MD, and Level sometimes seems to be used on list views which is nice (sadly not used for entering text presently) but pressing level does not work as an enter key...
Press enter to set the name and finally stop overwriting the buffer
Press exit to go to the main screen
Press and hold playback to change the machines sample (still hearing the live input)
Hold down till you get to the bottom of the sample list for your project
Go to the first empty slot
Press enter three times to change the sample
Press down to find the sample in your list of samples
Press enter to load the sample that was most likely recorded at the wrong spot based on what the input was doing as you entered the name

Congratulations you are now playing a new sample!

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