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Octatrack DSP-1
Put your Octatrack jams here.
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OT arpshot! 06/24/2013  Hits: 1648

A small file consisting of 8 octaves of saw, pulse, triangle and sine wave.


 -load into OT  

-assing to flex machine 

-slice to 32 slices. When asked for zero crossings, hit NO 

playback settings:

-loop and slice: on

-length: slice






Linear galactic vol 1 (57 loops from 125 to 130 BPM)hot! 05/17/2013  Hits: 1063

Document linked to : Link created on :Fri, 2013-May-17 16:39

First microloop pack : Linear galactic vol 1

Designed with Elektron machinedrum and Eurorack modular hardware. Post processing with Logic.

57 loops designed for any DAW, sampler and ready for octatrack (Aiff, 24 bits, BPM included) !

 Enjoy !

OT science lab 2 white noisehot! 03/13/2012  Hits: 3320

Document linked to : Link created on :Tue, 2012-Mar-13 12:31


Right click on URL above and save link as 

See this thread for info 

Link to fiddle-with-the-knobshot! 05/09/2011  Hits: 1468
Document linked to : Link created on :Mon, 2011-May-09 23:16 i was messing with samples
OCTATRACK DPS-1 OS0.998hot! 04/12/2011  Hits: 1850
FuerElise_Sampleshot! 03/01/2011  Hits: 1961
OTonesamplehot! 02/15/2011  Hits: 2917

Here's an example  of using the Octatrack to turn one sample into the elements for an entire track that literally took only a few minutes to whip up. The long "impact tone" before the beat is the source audio, the following one bar sequence is 7 tracks  forged from the source audio with no outside processing whatsoever.





test 1 bpm 145 to 290bpm sending double midi clock from octa +mdmk1 to monomk2 hot! 02/05/2011  Hits: 2445

 octatrack  reffering to bpm settings while linked elektron gear together 

this set up consist of the octa being master and send midi clock to both devices

second  inline is MD mk1  if you send midi clock from it  it will double the bpm on the third device !

on the end is the monomachine mk 2 

 if you listen you will here the octa andMD MK! at 145 bpm  but the heavy bassline is on 290bpm  and it sound like its on 145bpm  after a few measures  i change the ext midiclock setting of the md mk1  and this will set the midi clock of the mono to 145 bpm  you can here it change  in play 

now my mistake was that ididnt no it was playing double bpm  so when i correct the bpm settings my song played not the exact melody but plays it half speed  resulting in arrangenment changes only by changing the  ext  clock  of the second device 

so be aware  to work on double speed! when arranging  iThink this a powerfull tool  where you can fuk up your liveset in seconds if you dont no what your doing !!  enjoy 





Octa Second Rechot! 01/25/2011  Hits: 3565


3 samples (A synth riff and two percussive loops, all from old tunes) + MD = 1 pattern + four scenes and a fair bit of cross fader abuse.  2nd mess about.

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