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MiniCommand StepSequencerhot! 06/13/2009  Hits: 2945

 My first little programm for the minicommand

Just a variation of the random sequencer from the minicommand to make it a little step sequencer, send notes at 100bpm on channel 1

BTN 1 : random note + velocity in the sequence

BTN 2 : Page 1/page 2

BTN 3 : step up in the step sequencer

BTN 4 : step down in the step sequencer

First Page : 

LEN : lenght of the sequence from 1 to 16 (it changes every 16th step now ) 

TRN : transpose the sequence ( 0, +3 , +5, +7, +12) semitone

STP : just the information of the current STEP for modification

 Second Page :

VEL : velocity of the note

PCH : pitch of the midi note

STP : just the information of the current step ( modification with BTN3 and BTN4)

it's a work in progress but i'm pretty happy with it, next step : external midiclock

MerryXmashot! 04/18/2008  Hits: 2902
Song + pattern + kit for Sakamato's  'Merry X-mas Mr Lawrence' (audio file in Monomachine exemples)
mentasmishhot! 02/17/2009  Hits: 2805

.syx patch for mentasm-esque hooverbass on the monomachine. Uses kit.31 on pattern H5.



MDUW goes granula!re.syxhot! 09/20/2011  Hits: 4042

This is the SysEx file from an experiment about MDUW performing granulation.

The original topic can be found here

An audio exemple can be found here .

It contains one pattern and one kit.

The tracks 2, 6, 10 and 14 are relevant. Here are some settings -obviously tempo dependant. However, only the RAMPLAY track (and the optional low-attack-LFO track) need to be triggered.

Track 2: just for LFO purpose; LFO is modulating Tr10 START parameter.
Shapes: RAMP DOWN and RAMP UP.
Update: Free
Speed: 1*
Depth: 64**
Mix: 127=normal pla, 0=reverse normal speed (if speed=1; else, plays faster)

Track 6: optional, just for LFO purpose; used to get a softer attack, LFO modulates Tr10 volume.

Track 10: RAM PLAY machine.
PITCH: to taste!
HOLD: enough to allow re-triggering.
START: 64**
END: 128
RETRIG TIME: to taste, determines the grain size*
LFO modulates START parameter with a random shape.
SPEED: 127 so that it's faster than RETRIG TIME
UPDATE: free
DEPTH:to taste*
MIX: full random

Track 14: CTRL-8P machine for control convenience
P1: Tr2 LFOM --> timestretch
P2: Tr2 LFOS --> speed factor for timestretch
P3: Tr10 LFOD --> time jitter
P4: Tr10 RTRIG TIME -->grain duration

* These parameters are referenced by the CTRL-8P machine.
** These values shall stay constant.


Enjoy  :)


MD THRU JOMOXhot! 05/27/2009  Hits: 4093

Just got my M-res back from my mate so thought i would make a quick jam for anyone who is wondering what it sounds like. 

Pattern is simple while i tweak the M-res and occaisonally cut the kick.   The dry signal switches to wet after about 11 secs.

MD sine only w AMhot! 11/06/2009  Hits: 3711
MD example with sine waves only. The main riff is treated with amplitude mod, as is the the riff at the end.
MD DJ 02 LevelCheckhot! 03/16/2011  Hits: 3798
Please use this SYSEX file to adjust your overall volume levels when submitting to Round 02 of the MachineDrum DJ Project. Apologies for not including it in the sample pack below! 
MD annoying w AMhot! 11/06/2009  Hits: 4246
MD; E12-BD with amplitude modulation in the two main riffs, as well as some other sounds to complement the pattern.
MachineDrum DJ Project Round 02 - samples hot! 03/03/2011  Hits: 4128

This ZIPped file contains what you'll need to get started on submissions for the MD DJ Project's Round 02, for which submissions will be accepted until April 30, 2011:

-24 SYSEX samples

-a text file with information on the specific slots in UW memory where you should load the samples, and on how to use the "LevelCheck" kit/pattern (Available separately!) to set your volume levels 


MachineDrum DJ Project 02hot! 05/02/2011  Hits: 3712
ZIP file contains all 9 submissions for Round 02 plus a text file with notes. (Samples available for separate download below.) 
machinedrum dj project 01 - johnathon doe mix sysexhot! 01/08/2011  Hits: 3951

As requested,

Here is my sysex file for the project.  Please see the attaced txt file for info.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

 Happy mixing and remixing!


MachineDrum DJ Project 01hot! 11/25/2010  Hits: 4113
A ZIP file containing the submissions (as of Nov. 20, 2010) for the MachineDrum DJ Project: SYSEX, samples and text file with notes. For more details on the Project, see the stickies in the forum's Elektron Lounge. 
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