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Xmasremixhot! 04/18/2008  Hits: 3041
Song + ¨pattern + kit for the the Merry X-mas Mr remix (audio file in Monomachine exemples)
swiv-Schneaf.syx (MnM)hot! 02/23/2010  Hits: 4466
PAT+KIT sysex dump for Swiv track "Schneaf." (FM DYN cello-like short stab type sound)
swiv - Pea sysex and sampleshot! 04/23/2008  Hits: 3569
Song + Pat + Kit sysex dump for the track Pea. Oriental string and percussion samples are included - see the text file for ROM positions. Original track is at
Starting Smoothly set - sysexhot! 01/11/2011  Hits: 4399
Patterns & Kits Sortedhot! 11/25/2010  Hits: 6649
on the rangehot! 12/20/2010  Hits: 3978

here's the first and last track that i did with the md uwII.  i couldn't afford to keep it, unfortunately. 

 i believe the OS was 1.5.

 i zipped the syx and samples used.  i'm fairly sure this is the right syx file.  can't remember exactly since i made this a few years ago, and i don't have an md now to double check.  if things don't sound right, i think i have another syx file that could be the right one.  give me a heads up and i'll upload it again.



No Hookshot! 04/18/2008  Hits: 3276
Song + pattern + kit - a good exemple how to use song mode wth pattern lengths/offset and transpositions.
Nils e12 retrighot! 05/14/2009  Hits: 3312
Sysex for an MD pattern; example of how to use the E12 retrig machines for melodic purposes.
Monomachine Randomizer MiniCommandhot! 06/16/2009  Hits: 3019

It's a stupid randomizer for the monomachine for the minicommand,

you can select the track you want to randomize and it randomize every parameters in synth page or fx page excepte the tune one.

BTN1 : randomize synt parameters (except tune one ) on the current track

BTN2 : randomize the fx parameters  (be carefull with the feedback delay ) on the current track

BTN3 : randomize all the trax parameters and fx (full chaos here ;) )

Knob1 : select  the current track

 it's stupid because to make it clever i have to get the actual parameters of the patch to make random variations

stupid but fun


BTN4 : calm down button (put the feedback delay to 0)

KNOB2 : LOP filter ( all the trax)

KNOB3 : HIP filter cutoff ( all the trax)

BTN3 : remove the feedback from parameters to random



mono dub sandboxhot! 03/27/2008  Hits: 4062
Sysex for atmospheric dub sounds on Monomachine
MNM Pseudo Sampling Sysexhot! 01/17/2010  Hits: 3063
Sysex and wav files for pseudo sampling with Monomachine Doubledraw.  Documentation at
MKII Digi Exampleshot! 04/29/2009  Hits: 3295
These are the sysex's i promised from this thread some time ago: Feel free to tweak, learn, hate, etc. I just ask that you don't use my work and call it your own. Enjoy, and any all all feedback is welcome. Still feel like a noob!
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