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Amen Pat Kithot! 01/27/2013  Hits: 4378
Amen break pattern + kit for the MD.
chords (E1-E14)hot! 11/05/2009  Hits: 2955
Sysex file for "The Chords" track, my first track in song mode. I'm new to Elektron gear, so I've send "all". So there are presets again, and something else in F and G...
Droney Emmkithot! 03/24/2011  Hits: 4691
Single Machinedrum sysex kit with ambient/droney sounds. Internal machines only, can be loaded into any MD.
emptyhot! 11/05/2009  Hits: 2633
This sysex filte will empty your Monomachine from everything. Kits are ground sine only. Tracks, Patterns, Banks, Song are all empty. Good way to start from nothing and go deep into the Mnm realm!
Ghostmind Patterns SysExhot! 08/16/2009  Hits: 3261
sysex for the three Ghostmind tracks (the ambient techno experiments) and some other patterns that are in the same category :p feel free to remix etc, and post the result :)
jgb-mm-sandboxhot! 04/21/2008  Hits: 3795
Elektron-ish dub, I used 100 bpm for this one.
kit100_multiband.syxhot! 08/06/2008  Hits: 3879

monomachine (sfx-6) multiband compressor/distortion/whateverfx 


Document linked to : Link created on :Wed, 2008-Aug-06 06:23

set global routing to 3xstereo

:::track 1: "audio thru" machine "inpAB" to "AB" out bus --> INP127 this track lets you monitor the original signal

:::track 2: "audio thru" machine "inpAB" to "CD" out bus -->MIDs - INP127 - FILTER HiPass20-LowPass40

:::track 3: "audio thru" machine "inpAB "to "EF" out bus -->HIs - INP127 - FILTER HiPass40-LowPass127

:::track 4: "dynamix" machine "inpAB" to "AB" out bus -->LOWs INP64 - FILTER HiPass0- LowPass20

:::track 5: "dynamix" machine inpBus "CD" to "AB" out bus -->MIDs INP64

:::track 6: "dynamix" machine inpBus "EF" to "AB" out bus -->HIs INP64

don't forget to trigger all 6 tracks and setting the AMP envelopes so the signal will not cut off.
please be very carefull with ALL VOLUME and INPUT settings cause I am not responsible for any broken speakers alt

Lcvl - MD Kit 01hot! 05/12/2008  Hits: 4010
A simple kit for your Machinedrum, comprising percussive instruments, synthetic tones and bass notes.
MachineDrum DJ Project 01hot! 11/25/2010  Hits: 4118
A ZIP file containing the submissions (as of Nov. 20, 2010) for the MachineDrum DJ Project: SYSEX, samples and text file with notes. For more details on the Project, see the stickies in the forum's Elektron Lounge. 
machinedrum dj project 01 - johnathon doe mix sysexhot! 01/08/2011  Hits: 3957

As requested,

Here is my sysex file for the project.  Please see the attaced txt file for info.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

 Happy mixing and remixing!


MachineDrum DJ Project 02hot! 05/02/2011  Hits: 3717
ZIP file contains all 9 submissions for Round 02 plus a text file with notes. (Samples available for separate download below.) 
MachineDrum DJ Project Round 02 - samples hot! 03/03/2011  Hits: 4133

This ZIPped file contains what you'll need to get started on submissions for the MD DJ Project's Round 02, for which submissions will be accepted until April 30, 2011:

-24 SYSEX samples

-a text file with information on the specific slots in UW memory where you should load the samples, and on how to use the "LevelCheck" kit/pattern (Available separately!) to set your volume levels 


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