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Patterns & Kits Sortedhot! 11/25/2010  Hits: 3768
MD annoying w AMhot! 11/06/2009  Hits: 2853
MD; E12-BD with amplitude modulation in the two main riffs, as well as some other sounds to complement the pattern.
Lcvl - MD Kit 01hot! 05/12/2008  Hits: 2852
A simple kit for your Machinedrum, comprising percussive instruments, synthetic tones and bass notes.
mono dub sandboxhot! 03/27/2008  Hits: 2778
Sysex for atmospheric dub sounds on Monomachine
Droney Emmkithot! 03/24/2011  Hits: 2777
Single Machinedrum sysex kit with ambient/droney sounds. Internal machines only, can be loaded into any MD.
MD THRU JOMOXhot! 05/27/2009  Hits: 2663

Just got my M-res back from my mate so thought i would make a quick jam for anyone who is wondering what it sounds like.

Pattern is simple while i tweak the M-res and occaisonally cut the kick. The dry signal switches to wet after about 11 secs.

jgb-mm-sandboxhot! 04/21/2008  Hits: 2428
Elektron-ish dub, I used 100 bpm for this one.
swiv-Schneaf.syx (MnM)hot! 02/23/2010  Hits: 2414
PAT+KIT sysex dump for Swiv track "Schneaf." (FM DYN cello-like short stab type sound)
MD sine only w AMhot! 11/06/2009  Hits: 2413
MD example with sine waves only. The main riff is treated with amplitude mod, as is the the riff at the end.
Amen Pat Kithot! 01/27/2013  Hits: 2251
Amen break pattern + kit for the MD.
swiv - Pea sysex and sampleshot! 04/23/2008  Hits: 2187
Song + Pat + Kit sysex dump for the track Pea. Oriental string and percussion samples are included - see the text file for ROM positions. Original track is at
MachineDrum DJ Project Round 02 - samples hot! 03/03/2011  Hits: 2148

This ZIPped file contains what you'll need to get started on submissions for the MD DJ Project's Round 02, for which submissions will be accepted until April 30, 2011:

-24 SYSEX samples

-a text file with information onthe specific slots in UW memorywhere you shouldloadthe samples, and on how to use the "LevelCheck" kit/pattern (Available separately!) to set your volume levels

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