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mdmm5hot! 07/13/2010  Hits: 1742
i think i stumbled across something, md&mm only. no additional prosessing!....i love my machines!
sans arasmus hot! 12/19/2009  Hits: 2373
sfx-6 and sps-1 uw mk2 and space echo. it's all about that joystick baby!
03 The Sun\'s Gone Down & I Am Lying In My Bed, Peoples Beer Running Thru My Vainshot! 11/18/2008  Hits: 2258
Song I made with MM & MD + sime guitar
Elektron Smurfhot! 09/25/2008  Hits: 2741

Hello, first play in song mode with Machinedrum UW & Monomachine linked and recorded into DAW.

Is a techno type tune with break beat breakdown and a nasty tearin bassline. 

Mono has 2no. SWAVE-SAW for basslines, 1 no. SID, 1 no. FM+ DYN, 1 no. DPRO-BBOX with 1 no. 64 patteren

Machinedrum has 2 no. patterens mainly with TRX & EFM and mashed up mylo type 1 hit sample for main bleepy tech lead.

Arrangment has been thrown to gether and could do with some more sorting out

Hope you enjoy. 


mnm+mdhot! 07/22/2008  Hits: 3192
again, muting/unmuting, no make up sound, just raw from elektron machines! enjoy
monomachine mk2 + machinedrum mk2hot! 07/20/2008  Hits: 2612
just me muting/unmuting, no external effects, no polish sound, straight from machines: monomachine mk2 and machinedrum mk2 ... enjoy!
Arp & Stickhot! 07/16/2008  Hits: 2276
Mono showcasing different arp speed settings & stick modulating Sid lead & FM stabs.  Additional percussion from MD and brassy pad from NL2x sequenced from Mono.
Link to kthan9hot! 06/28/2008  Hits: 1120

Hi users!!! 5 tracks 100% ELEKTRON!!!....1 MnM + 1 sps1...1 pattern for each... 100% french hardsound/hardstep and more...:D enjoy!


harpocoderhot! 02/02/2008  Hits: 2566
Eastern influenced  thing with Machine Drum + Monomachin + Nord Modular + Voyager + Gtr + other secret ingredients.  The SPS1 and Mono are pretty tame compared to some of the other stuff I've heard here... :)
papertiger - spoonshot! 01/21/2008  Hits: 3162
featuring md mkII, mm mkII, TI polar, sampler (live), kaoss pad 3. thanks for listening.
75hot! 07/27/2007  Hits: 2789
Just Purchased Logic 7.2 this is one of 3 rough draft tracks made with MD_MnM_Logic Plugins....PM-200 Apple Loop..Oh yea the vocals were punched in with the MPC1k
Machines Collidehot! 06/17/2007  Hits: 2204
This track uses MnM SFX60, MD SPS1, Desktop Evolver effected by the KP3 and cut live in Ableton 6.7. Only FX used in Live were PingPong Delay & Spacemaster Reactor FX and then a few EQ8's and the Warm Tube setting in the DT spread out. Also Auto Filter at the beginning and a quick Ozone 3 fix on the Master. Song mode was not used just plenty of Muting and Stop and Play action on the Elektrons.
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