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Sid Collab SYX - Hail From Farm (Enapa/Ural)hot! 01/10/2009  Hits: 2512

Here are those patches we used in "Hail From Farm".


Sid Collab - Hail From Farm (Enapa/Ural)hot! 01/10/2009  Hits: 2973

Here we go with result of collaboration between Enapa and me - "Hail From Farm".
Everything done by multitracking SidStation in Logic. No Eq, no processing - just levels and pans.
From the beginning there was concept to make something with Sid in anthem genre. Please see and listen where we ended up...


SidCollab-Batni-OnTheFly-A SID SYXhot! 01/05/2009  Hits: 2468
Here are 5 syx files used for our track - RAR file
SidCollab-Batni-OnTheFly-A SID MP3hot! 01/05/2009  Hits: 3749

This is the collaborative effort between Batni & OnTheFly using the Sid Station and basic sequencing. No EQing, FX, post... only minor balance and level mixes, leaving all the Sid noises for all to hear. Enjoy!! 01/12/2008  Hits: 4272

My contribution to the first ever SidStation Sci Lab. Sysex will be uploaded later. Promise.



SID_Seq_egikim_C41hot! 01/10/2008  Hits: 3945
so, here is my modest record of sidstation...
Sysex SID Seq_egikim C4hot! 01/08/2008  Hits: 3412

This is Sysex file for SIDstation Science Lab 1.
For sure I'll try upload also mp3 file ... :) I tried minute ago but site refused it.


p.s. it is my first ever sequence i did on Sidstation...

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