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Monomachine SFX-6/60
Place files pertaining to the Monomachine SFX-6/60 Science Lab here
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Konkrete and HDD - MnM mkII SL01hot! 01/21/2009  Hits: 3371

MP3 version of the SL01 MnM mkII

160kpb/s if i remember right 

Konkrete & HDD SL01MnMmkIIhot! 01/21/2009  Hits: 2628

SL01 MnM mkii entry for Konkrete and How Dragons Disappear

pattern E01 to E08 ; D01 to D07

song 10

kit 121 124 125 126

Yesfineok (SL01) - Swiv - PThot! 01/20/2009  Hits: 2910
sysex for swiv and PT SL01: collaboration monomachine science lab.  CAUTION: THIS IS AN "ALL" FILE THAT WILL OVERWRITE EVERYTHING IN YOUR MACHINE.
yes, fine, ok (drunk tiger mix) (MMSL01)hot! 01/20/2009  Hits: 3854
swiv and papertiger entry into mono SL01: collaboration
MnM_Collab_Peregrin&HKhot! 01/18/2009  Hits: 2645

and here the sysex


MnM_Collab_Peregrin&HKhot! 01/18/2009  Hits: 4212

 this is the trax made with sfx60 for me and sfx6 for peregrin

 for the process : 

sound design and draft at start by Peregrin and me 


Some PingPong pattern between Peregrin and me 

And the song was built by Peregrin ( i'm not very good in arrangement on the mono )

so here the result ;)


MNM MK1 Collab SYX - Stockholm Syndrome (tIB/Ural)hot! 01/14/2009  Hits: 2640

Please download sysex file of our collaboration.



MNM MK1 Collab - Stockholm Syndrome (tIB/Ural)hot! 01/14/2009  Hits: 2722


Here we go with result of MNM MK1 collaboration between me and tIB.

Our target was create a kind of "noise-trash" style music. Please listen and download it from


MnMCollab-OntheFly-Allerian-DownhillRollinghot! 12/30/2008  Hits: 3092
This is the Sysex for the MnM Collab team of OnTheFly and Allerian.  An mp3 is available at:
MnM Science Lab #04: Remixhot! 11/11/2007  Hits: 6535
The MnM Science Lab #04 is a remix focused Lab. The file to be remix is provided by [url=]Battery Collection[/url] ([url=]Joe Melnyk[/url]). This original file is a Battery Collection Monomachine only original. Remixing is an art form unto itself. Take your time and have fun mangling. Joe's track provides an excellent starting point. I have compiled a Lab package [url=]HERE[/url], or you can find it by visiting Downloads/Science Labs/MnM Science Lab #04: Remix. The package contains: Original Sysex An MP3 of the file submitted 04 Lab rules: Upload the original sysex file, MnM other hardware or vsts can be added, you can use your MnM to remix this file however you want, anything in the MnM goes, and no overdubbing or postproduction. Entries should at least 1 min. long. Post your MP3 submission here (just click Upload): Downloads/Science Labs/MnM Science Lab #04: Remix. Lab closes on December 30. Good luck and mangle away! /actuel
final glory - monomachine lab 03 by [d] (aka. glitched)hot! 09/19/2007  Hits: 4243
For the DigiPro "contest". One pattern, five tracks. This one is classic electro. The DigiPro can sound really analog. A super synth.
Batteryhot! 08/01/2007  Hits: 4128
Here's my entry in the Monomachine FM lab, as threatened earlier. 5 FM/DYN tracks, 1 REV FX track, and 1 mess of a song.
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