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Machinedrum SPS-1
Place files pertaining to the Machinedrum SPS-1 Science Lab here
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newwave81hot! 09/04/2010  Hits: 3327

Some retro sounding drums made using just the GND machines, have fun with them ;)

Some users were having trouble with the old file, updated file newwave82 recognised correctly by c6

Vitamin 5 - Kas & ipassenger - MD Science Lab SL01 SYSEXhot! 01/14/2009  Hits: 3003
Vitamin 5 - Kas & ipassenger - MDSL01hot! 01/14/2009  Hits: 3524
Here's our submission for the MD Science ColLab.  See wotcha think.
mdlab4_hbinchot! 03/07/2008  Hits: 4491
Enty tothe mixing comp, md versio nof it., cheers.

MD Science Lab 02: Remixhot! 11/11/2007  Hits: 5256
The MD Science Lab #02 is a remix focused Lab. The file to be remix is provided by [url=]Battery Collection[/url] ([url=]Joe Melnyk[/url]). This original file was a MD SPS-1 contest entry from November 2004 (from the Yahoo Group). Remixing is an art form unto itself. Take your time and have fun mangling. Joe's track provides an excellent starting point. The package contains: Original Sysex An MP3 of the file submitted 04 Lab rules: Upload the original sysex file, MD other hardware or vsts can be added, you can use your MD to remix this file however you want, anything in the MD goes, and no overdubbing or postproduction. Entries should at least 1 min. long. Post your MP3 submission here (just click Upload): Downloads/Science Labs/MD Science Lab 02: Remix. Lab closes on December 30. Good luck and mangle away!
PI Lab Sysex (Papertiger - Tihwm)hot! 09/30/2007  Hits: 3398
here's the sysex (song, P + K) for the PI Sci Lab. M
pi science lab 03hot! 09/30/2007  Hits: 4302
here is the mp3 of the pi science lab. not very polished, but thanks for listening. this is "the i hate work mix" (tihwm). lol. hopefully a happier version will be realized at some point. M
glitched - 3point14 syxhot! 09/29/2007  Hits: 3476
Hot SYX for 3point14.
3point14 (version2) by [d] aka glitchedhot! 09/29/2007  Hits: 4156
For the PI contest. 3 patterns, no song mode. I mainly used the metallic instruments.
pi science syxhot! 09/29/2007  Hits: 3088
syx for my lab entry "pi science", some patterns+kits. ciao, hbinc
glitched - on our way home syxhot! 09/26/2007  Hits: 2985
.syx for the aforementioned tune.
Sigma Delta - sysexhot! 09/26/2007  Hits: 3386
The sysex for my entry. -Ingrid
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