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Machinedrum SPS-1UW
Place files pertaining to the Machinedrum SPS-1UW Science Lab here
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Papertiger-lamarcph collab MDUWhot! 02/10/2009  Hits: 3559

The samples are named by slot number.


Test2 & HDD - SL01 syx packhot! 01/18/2009  Hits: 3702

Test2 aka Deadxx & How Dragons Disappear entry for the SL01 collaboration

song 13

pattern  B14 to D09

kit 07

and 4  rom machines

Test2 & HDD - SL01 SPS1UWhot! 01/18/2009  Hits: 4179

SL01 collaboration entry of Test2 and how dragons disappear.

mp3 version, 160kbp/s 

Hope you enjoy

MDUW_sciencecollabKoshi&Em9hot! 01/15/2009  Hits: 4626
MP3 (128 mbps) file of the MDUWMKI Sciencecollab Koshimazaki & eminor9..
mduw_sciencecollab_Koshii&Em9hot! 01/15/2009  Hits: 2946

Sysex for the MDUWMKI Science Collab Koshimazaki & eminor9.

Just MD internal sounds and Ram machine mangling moulded in song mode.

One song (slot 21) 7 patterns (from F1 to F10) and 7 kits (between slot 50-57) 


This is the result of our (OnTheFly / Konkrete) collaboration with the SPS-1UW.

MDCollab-Ural-Allerian-Polkaedhot! 01/03/2009  Hits: 3644

Samples go in the slots they are named for.

 The MP3 is available at:

uw4_pelektorhot! 01/30/2008  Hits: 4396

I used the original sysx, and loaded in the samples.
I made this by transforming the tracks and machines, using the original machines in place, except for the last four tracks, where I used samples from the included pack.

 hope someone likes it

UW Science Lab #04hot! 11/11/2007  Hits: 4354
The UW Science Lab #04 is a remix focused Lab. The file to be remix is provided by Battery Collection (Joe Melnyk). This original file was a MD SPS-1 contest entry from October 2004 (from the Yahoo Group). The package contains: Original Sysex An MP3 of the file submitted Sample Pack 04 Lab rules: Upload the original sysex file, UW other hardware or vsts can be added, you can use your UW to remix this file however you want, anything in the UW goes, and no overdubbing or postproduction. Entries should at least 1 min. long. Post your MP3 submission here (just click Upload): Downloads/Science Labs/Science Lab #04. Lab closes on December 30. Good luck and mangle away! /actuel
UW Sci Lab Sysex (Papertiger - Fudgecicle)hot! 09/30/2007  Hits: 3518
heres's the sysex for the UW Sci Lab. M
UW Science Lab #03 (mp3)hot! 09/22/2007  Hits: 4799
This is the audio recording of my "entry" for the UW Science Lab #03 thingy. I will post the sysex later. Turned out much differently than I had anticipated and it forced me to use, and therefore learn more about, song mode. yay.
uw lab sysexhot! 09/22/2007  Hits: 3434
here is the sysex
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