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ot thoughtshot! 02/24/2013  Hits: 352879

Updated 6-4-2013: section on volume handling added  

 Some thoughts on Elektron' s Octatrack:

 -the role of the sample slot list

-the part system

 -working with scenes

-signal flow

-sampling techniques 



machindrum tips PDFhot! 12/08/2008  Hits: 68773

PDF version of this....

 A 'cut and shot' job of Tarekith's, Wesen's and other forum tips I collated into a printable document to help me learn the MD.

A4 Quick Ref V1.05ahot! 07/18/2013  Hits: 47435

Quick Ref Guide for Analog 4. 

 Will be updated to include 1.06 firmware shortly. This covers ver 1.05 

monomachine tipshot! 12/12/2008  Hits: 42746

Tips and tricks for using the monomachine volume 1.01

Compiled by tIB


OT Buttons Combinationshot! 01/13/2013  Hits: 23093

V1 : MIDI SEQUENCER table completed

First version (V0 !) and probably not entirely complete of a summary of the buttons combinations of the OT. By now, I just made one table by chapter, following the Ot manual 1.2.2. I tried to improve the presentation by using different symbols to differentiate the different kinds of keys. Hoping some feedback to improve this document. If anyone is interrested, I can also upload the source document (I use TextMaker 2008, a small and free text editor compatible with word).

Monomachine Tips and Tricks - Compiled by Tarekithhot! 10/25/2010  Hits: 16231
Monomachine Tips and Tricks from the forum I've collected.
Elektron tips & tricks v1.10 hot! 02/02/2008  Hits: 11150
Incredible document of tips & tricks compiled by Tarekith. Must have for all users! Tarekith provides a HTML page that is constantly updated. Best way to stay up-to-date is by visiting:
monomachine_lfo_speedshot! 11/01/2011  Hits: 10300

Update 6-4-2013: lfo speeds are also displayed as divisions. Euclids algorithm was used to find the greatest common divisor.

A table which shows all possible lfo speeds.

MD-Dictionary PDFhot! 12/22/2010  Hits: 8534

Downloadable PDF version of the MachineDrum Dictionary found in the FAQ / WIKI section of the site.

Compiled by ark

Transpose Chart for UWhot! 04/28/2008  Hits: 6102
Transpose-chart for MD-UWs Rom-machines. Upload your samples in the key of C and you will easily transpose/ make melodies with this chart. Print, cut it along the line and put it on your wall.
Machinedrum_EQ_Table_v1.0hot! 07/09/2009  Hits: 5427
Machinedrum EQ Table
MD Tips & Trick v1.01hot! 02/20/2006  Hits: 5301
Tips & tricks for Elektron MachineDrum compiled from MD forums by Tarekith. Nice?!
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