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Link to 36hot! 04/26/2015  Hits: 591
Document linked to : Link created on :Sun, 2015-Apr-26 19:01
CSQ100 seqhot! 02/28/2011  Hits: 1994

This is a very basic sequencer I built for the Nord G2. It allows you to advance the steps in the seqence using midi notes, kind of like the clock input of a SH101 or CSQ100.

For some reason if you are using this with the Machinedrum you have to set the note on the MIDI machine one octave lower than the Note Recv on the G2.. not sure why.

Machineg voting mail outhot! 06/07/2010  Hits: 4581
Old news: this is the voting mailout for the machine project... Im placinfg it here so people who read the machine project outline can find it and read.
Machine: EU ALbum Concepthot! 01/05/2010  Hits: 3339
Extended information about the concept for the elektron users album 'Machine'
Eventide H 3000 D/SE preset listhot! 11/26/2009  Hits: 12094
If you have H 3000 without manual this preset list makes life little bit easier...

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