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HCWvDrmhot! 06/21/2011  Hits: 1307

Hi Again  got another sample for you ths one is my wavedrum ready for your OP1 but also good for Octatrack if ou slice it up!!


HCK808hot! 06/21/2011  Hits: 1325

Hi Guys


Here's my 808 sampled up as an aiff file for the OP1, probably would be good in the Octatrack too.


Short Recordinghot! 09/15/2010  Hits: 2361
Sample run through a Virus C Vocoder for NILS
'What the' Hitshot! 04/03/2010  Hits: 1908
jomox888 with c64 sampleshot! 03/11/2010  Hits: 2048
just a short 1 pattern shot with mutes of a jomox888 with c64 samples.
test02hot! 06/08/2009  Hits: 2208
enapa - friedmouldterainhot! 09/18/2008  Hits: 2486
enapa - flies is eats youhot! 09/17/2008  Hits: 2552
seq on schrittmacher...
blofelf efx, oddities, and boy bandshot! 03/12/2008  Hits: 2863
a handful of examples of the Blofeld's odder side.
blofeld demo 1hot! 03/11/2008  Hits: 2743

short demo of four different patches i made on the blofeld. I was just toodling around which is why it sounds like someone. . . toodling. . .

the clicks belong to me not adjusting my latency settings, not the machine.

enjoy! or not.


Blofeld testhot! 02/08/2008  Hits: 2994

Hello all!

I just did a very simple demo of what the Blofeld sounds like right out of the box. I did some light tweeking of the bass, but otherwise everything is factory sounds. Sequencing is done in Renoise, but it might as well have been done on a MD mk2 as it's a 64 note pattern with mostly percussion sounds.

In case anyone wonders, the user interface on the Blo is superb. You get access to every parameter by the click of a button or two, and the high resolution screen adds to the joy of tweaking filters and envelopes. There's a few bugs here and there, but that's to be expected for a product that hasn't hit mass production yet. IMO this tiny box is the perfect match for the MD/MnM.


Linn LM-1hot! 12/14/2007  Hits: 2033
The famous Linn LM-1 kit in one big file, with silence inbetween each hit. (Prince claps! :-)) You just have to open the .wav file in an audio program and pitch it up to save space (might also want to export it as a mono 8/16bit 22.05khz .wav or less) and then pitch it down in the md.
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