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Machinedrum SPS-1UW
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years of silencehot! 12/11/2008  Hits: 4371


 This is my first music post here and also the first MD track i've recorded. 

I've had MD for a number of months now and I've been so inspired by some of the peeps and music around here that i've decided to stop editing music for a while and begin making some music.

 This track was recorded into logic in one pass.

 i used  voxengo max punch , urs channel strip pro and voxengo elephant to give it a little something extra.

 comments appreciated! thanks for the great community here.


We Go Therehot! 12/14/2008  Hits: 4543
Warpish DnB track from the MDUW. Recorded straight out of main outs, no post-processing except a limiter.
Vlaktor's SPS1-UW Demo2hot! 06/15/2005  Hits: 2468
This demo has my own samples :-) Copiers, printers, birds the whole lot.....
Vlaktor's SPS1-UW Demo1hot! 06/15/2005  Hits: 2311
This is my first SPS1-UW demo. It consists of one pattern with 5 samples from myself and the rest were the preset samples. It is entirely sequenced by the MD song mode. So no live muting/knob turning. Ow and there is the last 3 bars are RAM madness. I noticed some artifacts, i blame to my crappy sound card.
Very first tweaking of RAM machines/ SPS-1UWhot! 06/11/2005  Hits: 2538
Just a minute or two of my first tweaking of the RAM machine in the SPS-1UW. Uses bit rate, AM, delay, and sample retrig/start/stop tweaks.
V's Sps1-UW demo3hot! 06/23/2005  Hits: 2265
I just had to share this one :-D
Uw test2hot! 07/13/2005  Hits: 2707
Another snippet from my new MD-UW. Pad coming from Mono and rest from MD-UW. a Little reverb and compression on beat to polishing it up.
UW Ram only by Kottenhot! 04/04/2006  Hits: 2352
I little UW-experiment. This was made with just a ram machine (R1+P1), using internal feedback as the only sound source. One pattern live jam.
UW Ram onlyhot! 04/06/2006  Hits: 1894
My little ram-only experiment, ch 15 is a R1 machine as a feedback oscillator, rest is just p1... quite fun. Play with filter settings on the rec machine. (and maybe not all channels at once) Mp3 available under "UW - sound examples"
UW piano treatmenthot! 07/20/2007  Hits: 3883
A clip to showcase UW treatment of a piano loop, you can hear how the hold parameter changes the groove and starts resembling a strummed guitar, filter changes, bit-reduction, amd/amf parameters introducing ring modulation and pitch shiftings.
uw jamhot! 02/24/2006  Hits: 2257
this is me trying to learn the mduw -- parts of it are fun, parts of it are crap. =) i wanted to post this because its derived from just a few sounds: 4 md drum sounds (TRX) (16 steps) in a really simple beat and a really simple mono patern (16 steps). I was pretty siked about the fact that this simple set up turned into some weirdness. basically, i kept "ping ponging" the beat by going back and forth from r1, r2 and p1, p2 ram machines. -M
UW Dubhot! 11/26/2007  Hits: 2476
UW only Dub track with a bit of external reverb on whole mix
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