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Machinedrum SPS-1UW
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Candy v2hot! 03/06/2006  Hits: 2088
First MD-UW track.
Nort Kelehot! 02/28/2006  Hits: 2133
Monomachine only song straight to multitracker, no efx added.
uw jamhot! 02/24/2006  Hits: 2257
this is me trying to learn the mduw -- parts of it are fun, parts of it are crap. =) i wanted to post this because its derived from just a few sounds: 4 md drum sounds (TRX) (16 steps) in a really simple beat and a really simple mono patern (16 steps). I was pretty siked about the fact that this simple set up turned into some weirdness. basically, i kept "ping ponging" the beat by going back and forth from r1, r2 and p1, p2 ram machines. -M
downtherabbitholehot! 02/03/2006  Hits: 2060
this one's a little better I hope.
Friedhot! 01/22/2006  Hits: 1584
January 2006 Contest beat
little white beastiehot! 10/17/2005  Hits: 2027
A track from MD-UW. Just muting things in and out.
6000 cycle - ggoodwinhot! 07/15/2005  Hits: 2706
"unfinished" track on SPS-1UW. Everything is unfinished though. Drums: md Pads, bass: proteus 2k! :( Vocals, buzzy FX: sps-1uw, sampling old records Track length: about 3 minutes Total working time: 4 hours
Uw test2hot! 07/13/2005  Hits: 2707
Another snippet from my new MD-UW. Pad coming from Mono and rest from MD-UW. a Little reverb and compression on beat to polishing it up.
V's Sps1-UW demo3hot! 06/23/2005  Hits: 2265
I just had to share this one :-D
Vlaktor's SPS1-UW Demo2hot! 06/15/2005  Hits: 2468
This demo has my own samples :-) Copiers, printers, birds the whole lot.....
SPS1-UW 1.29 Betahot! 06/15/2005  Hits: 1970
Machinedrum SPS-1 / SPS-1UW OS1.29b beta OS release, bug fixed We have updated the Machinedrum OS according to the bug report that was compiled by the users. We would like to post it on for the people who took part in compiling the bug list to try it out to see if we got it all right! In this one we have avoided adding any features, because we want to stay on a stable release before continuing adding stuff. Please not that this is a beta release, and strange things could happen, however we hope that it will be working well due to the avoidance of new features and extensive testing. We would like to have feedback on possible bugs in this release before the 27th of June if possible. Please test all aspects as extensively as possible! Use for bug discussion and if needed, please compile a new list to the 27th of June. Thanks everyone for helping! Daniel Hansson, Elektron
Vlaktor's SPS1-UW Demo1hot! 06/15/2005  Hits: 2311
This is my first SPS1-UW demo. It consists of one pattern with 5 samples from myself and the rest were the preset samples. It is entirely sequenced by the MD song mode. So no live muting/knob turning. Ow and there is the last 3 bars are RAM madness. I noticed some artifacts, i blame to my crappy sound card.
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